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Water Control Structures

Aging National Water Infrastructure

Most dams, reservoirs, canals and water control structures in North America have exceeded their 50-year life expectancy, representing a significant infrastructure challenge for the 21st century.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Society for Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) estimate the costs to repair and replace this infrastructure at over $800,000,000,000.

The French Dam Modular Precast System brings next generation water infrastructure to all these critical water supply facilities. The French Dam can adapt to any size, shape, height and width using innovative design solutions.

Water Control Structures

Water Control Canals

The efficient and economical use of water in irrigation is a major concern. While 40 percent of all food produced worldwide comes from irrigated land, the irrigation itself consumes 80 percent of the freshwater supply, representing a very inefficient use of the water. In some cases, an excessive amount of water is simply absorbed into the ground. In others, it runs off the land to be irrigated. Modern irrigation canals are built and managed according to ever more sophisticated models of water management and conservation.

Precast Sea Walls Solution

Precast Sea Walls Solution

For coastal water restoration projects, FDE Hydro has developed a pre-cast rapid deployment sea wall system. Our system is for coastal and harbor water control and protection. The modular precast sea walls are designed for your needs. They reduce the risk of cost overruns do to precast concrete not being susceptible to major storm interruptions during construction. Our precast sea walls are constructed offsite, delivered and installed with rapid deployment methods. This enables us to install a system in half the time of a concrete wall.

Reservoir and Pump Storage Civil Structures

FDE Hydro has developed modular precast solutions for reservoir and pump storage critical civil infrastructure as in powerhouse systems and large-scale impoundments that are earthquake resistant, have over 100 year life span and have many other benefits such as construction cost reduction, project duration reduced by 3/4, and major risk reduction for all stakeholders.

FDE Hydro is working with developers of a new system that will reduce earthquake wave forces on large scale water civil infrastructures. This is cutting edge earthquake protection technology.