FDE Hydro & GIS Team for Innovative and Cost-Effective Fish Passage System

Game Changing Solution for Improving Fish Ladder Performance

FDE Hydro (FDE), an energy solution firm from Boston, Massachusetts, and GIS Gas Infusion Systems Inc. {GIS) of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada are pleased to announce that the companies have entered into an agreement to jointly present and promote their innovative, patented technologies to the hydro industry.

FDE’s patented precast aquatic animal passage systems with sensors along with GIS’s patented high oxygen freshwater saturation process have now been combined to provide the water civil infrastructure industry with the solution they have been waiting for … a cost-effective, tested and healthy solution to safe aquatic animal passage in hydro applications.

The team at GIS has worked closely with the Huntsman Marine Science Center in New Brunswick and other agencies and partners to develop, test and capture supporting statistics on the benefits of their gas infusion system. A summary presentation on the GIS technology from Huntsman is attached.

We’ve long recognized that a “safe aquatic animal passage system” is a key to the ultimate approval by all governing bodies in a water infrastructure or hydro project … local, state/provincial, Federal, Native American or First Nations and others. These newly combined technologies from FDE Hydro and GIS provide the best solution yet to this common environmental and civil concern.

Please feel free to contact FDE Hydro Power directly with any questions or requests for further information.

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