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About FDE Hydro

FDE Hydro is advancing the North American water infrastructure industry by developing innovative technologies for the next-generation hydro run of the river dams, modular prestress concrete power house facilities, pump storage civil structures, reservoir and water control systems and retrofit of existing high hazard dams, modular aquatic animal passage systems.

FDE Hydro is the leader in modular precast concrete scalable technology for construction & retrofit of hydro and water control systems for civil water infrastructure solutions. FDE Hydro owns exclusive IP rights to all of North America.

The “French Dam” is a patented next generation Precast Modular Construction and Retrofit technology for building new and refurbishment of existing small and medium head hydro electric and water control dams.

​With assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy, FDE Hydro fabricated, demonstrated and validated the proof of concept of its patented (“French Dam”) modular precast water control structure in 2016.

​Our company’s modular precast solutions can reduce civil construction and maintenance costs up to 60%, shorten duration of construction by 50%, reduce workforce up to 75% and mitigate project stakeholders risks providing a much faster ROI and commissioning of the facilty.

FDE Hydro has agreements with premier certified precast manufacturers. This provides FDE Hydro a supply chain of precast and pre-stress manufacturing covering all of North America.

Hydropower is the nation’s largest source of renewable electricity. Growing this resource will bring more clean, low-cost electricity to additional American families while creating jobs across the country.

French Dam # 1

October 21, 2016 – FDE Hydro of Chelmsford, Massachusetts., Oldcastle Precast of Littleton, Colo., and GEI Consultants of Woburn, Mass., completed the successful construction and assembly of the first prototype “French Dam” — a modular precast civil water infrastructure system for construction and retrofit of hydroelectric dams, water control systems and modular next generation hydro powerhouse systems.