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Modular Powerhouses

FDE Hydro specializes in building Precast or Pre-stress Concrete Powerhouse Systems. Building powerhouses utilizing modular pre-stress or precast systems provide engineering and construction companies with several benefits such as: cost, project duration reduced by 3/4, labor force reduction, risk reduction and faster ROI for developers. All of the above benefits will have your hydroelectric facility online in almost half the time.

The FDE Hydro has multiple hydroelectric powerhouse systems that can be scaled with pre-stress concrete modules or precast modules that will be determined by your turbine equipment and size of project.

As your project site is being prepared, your module precast civil structure will be built off-site at our manufacturing facility.  This will allow for simultaneous production of the precast modules which will result in a shorter project time.

FDE Hydro LLC has agreements with industry leading precast and pre-stress concrete manufacturers throughout North America which gives us the ability to manufacture and deliver a quality product.

Bowersock Mills – 4.65MW North Powerhouse Construction Project

French Development thanks Sarah Hill-Nelson of BMPC for providing information and photographs on construction of the North Powerhouse on the Kansas River.

An Innovative Solution for Small to Medium Hydro (100 KW – 30 MW)

Modular Powerhouses
Modular Powerhouse Platform

All French Dam Systems will be attached to the river bed using our Patented working platform system with rock bolt linkage to the existing river bed conditions. This working platform will then accept the pre-stress and precast modules using bolt linkage, molded key way locking joints as well as state-of-the-art expandable water stop products.

An Innovative Solution for Large Scale Civil Structures for Powerhouse Facilities (30 MW – 300 MW)

Modular Precast Powerhouse Construction, Reduces Cost, Time & Risk

Modular Precast Powerhouse Benefits


  • Complete modular solution
  • Comparable to most industry hydrocomponets
  • Scalable technology
  • Total price package
  • Most electronic components pre-installed and tested off site
  • Reduced time of installation
  • Reduced cost of installation
  • Up to 100-year lifespan on the structure
  • Minimized on-site risk
  • Multiple architectural designs & exterior finishes to choose from


  • Designed architecturally to fit the surrounding environment
  • Custom made utilizing standard precast elements or structures
  • Scalable to equipment requirements
  • Easy access to equipment maintenance and replacement